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Lifestyles of the Rich and Skinny

We’ve all seen the glamorous wardrobes worn by actresses and have thought “I would love to have that!” But the hunt to find a specific blouse or earrings worn by your favorite star can prove to be a daunting task.

Well the marketeers behind Rich and Skinny Jeans have come up with the perfect solution! Imagine watching engaging web video content and being able to purchase the jeans right off the actresses. Follow the drama (think Desperate Housewives meets The Hills), the music and the fashion all in one location - your monitor.

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Looking for the ultimate fashion-related news source? Then check out my new venture - Candy.

It looks a lot like PopURLs, but instead of tech, it draws in and displays the hottest in fashion news, entertainment videos, and trends. Check it out!


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Browser Geek T-Shirt Wars!

Firefox Girl

What point is there in a t-shirt if it doesn't make some kind of humorous statement about your geekish devotion to one browser or another?

But you'd be wrong if you thought that every browser-loving nerd was on the same side– it's time to get with the etiquette of the tribal browser wars that take place on geek's chests worldwide.

1.The 'Defiantly Pro-Mac' T-Shirt Very common in geek circles… Pro-Mac'ers will enjoy smugly reeling off statistics at you about how superior Apple and Safari are over all else. Avoid conversations of this kind at all costs, and NEVER utter the word 'Windows'. (You are permitted, however, to rub their nose in the failure of Vista).

2.The 'I Really Hate IE / Pro-Firefox' T-Shirt… Common in Windows users who think Macs are overpriced… Some pro-Firefox t-shirt wearers are loud and obnoxious, but remember an 'I Hate IE' t-shirt might just save you a beating from a crazed group of Mac users.

3.The 'I Only Use Linux' T-Shirt Get instant geek-cred with a Linux t-shirt… this works because it suggests that you actually know how to code and program, and are therefore truly a geek. Can be rare in today's climate of mainstream geek chic.

Photo Credit 'x4d41'

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Everything has it’s niche!

Operators are standing by….

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Louis Vuitton Commercial vs. Abercrombie

The first Louis Vuitton commercial is now airing, but it feels more like a Mastercard or Retirement Planning commercial than a clothing retailer.  But the colors, images, and music really caught and captured my attention. At the same time, the only other company that I can think of that shows less of its' clothing in advertising is Abercrombie and Fitch.

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The Devil Wears Old Navy


It's the hottest marketing term in consumerism today as every industry is going "green" - from automobiles to household cleaning products. So of course clothing and fashion markets are bound to follow suit. Several events such as Seattle's Green Fashion Week are springing up all over the country to promote new lines of conscious wears.

These events stand up against synthetic fibers and labor intensive sweat shops. But they fail to address the real problem in sustainable attire, and that is disposable clothing. I consider disposable clothing anything that you would rather throw away then repair, donate, or use as a hand me down.  The piles of these disposable clothes not only cause problems in landfills when they reach the end of their useful lives, but created harmful carbon emissions during their factory incubated production.

Retailers that sell these disposable clothes such as Old Navy, Wal Mart and Target are just simply reseting all the carbon offsetting that their consumers are dedicated too.  Cheap t-shirts that cost less than a cup of coffee and muffin are bound to be worn several times and then tossed in the trash.  $20 cargo pants will be discarded as soon as the fashion trends change towards the next best thing.

The key to sustaining a plan for green clothing is two-fold. First, insist on purchasing good quality durable clothes that will last, and donate them to others when you are ready to move one. Secondly, find alternative uses for clothing that will offset other disposable industries, such as making your own Swiffer Cleaning Pads. 

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