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Street Fashion DIY Video

Brought to us by the Threadheads, this video features DC fashion Blogger Morgan Hungerford from Panda Head and Muss Clothing. She hooks us up with some capitol fashion and a quick skirt lesson. Plus we take a look at some strange but true viewer videos and more!

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Extreme Makeover - Photoshop Edition

For years we've always known that fashion magazines either airbrushed or digitally enhanced normal human 'flaws' in the cover models.  As time has progressed, however, this enhancement practice has gotten even more dramatic.  Take for example this story from showing the before and after enhancements on Faith Hill for the July issue of Redbook.  And this example of makeover work on Britney Spears in this months issue of Allure from

So how do they do it?  Take a look at this magical transformation video using Photoshop.

Lose Weight In Photoshop (makeover) - For more of the funniest videos, click here

Moral of the story? Read a copy of Photoshop for Dummies while running on that treadmill.

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Episode 4 : Fashion is Violent

Covered in Episode 4 of Fashionistatv: Prada Death Camps, Doll Wars, and The New Pink.

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Episode 3 : Liquids on a Wardrobe

Join us for Episode 3! (We’re using a colon this time because it seems like the ‘|’ breaks the RSS)

Story links include: Terror Alert Levels Parody T-Shirt | Stayin’ Warm With the Slanket | Upload your digs with

Music featured: Bravelove (Midinight Mashmix) by Shagrugge (cc license)

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Episode 2 | Tanning & Tubes

Episode 2 is chock full of stories - such as: HOPE is inspired by Senator Ted Stevens to create an “It’s a Series of Tubes” T-Shirts (via BoingBoing); Black Box Nation has a hoodie that captures your most emotional moments; and this bikini from Solestrom Swimwear keeps you advised of UV intensity levels (via Medgadget).

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Episode 1 : wikiCouture

This weeks stories: Space Couture Fashion Competition; Wiki T-Shirts; Love and Hate; Kiss in a Bottle.
This is the premier episode of We like to think of it as a beta version, and something to learn from and build on. Thanks for watching!

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