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Do Designers Get a Bailout Too?

Banks. Car manufacturers. Insurance companies. Almost every industry is feeling the effects of the economic collapse. The major fashion designers are no exception.

A quick look at the steep decline in stock prices over the past year reflects just that. Major designers like Polo, Kenneth Cole, and retail establishments like Saks have all taken significant cuts in share price. The market is also prohibiting further growth as exhibited by the recent postponement of Prada’s plan to take the company public.

Percentage decrease in stockprice 2007-2008
Bombs Away

Opening a designer up to public investments leads to a huge infusion of cash and assets. The cash can be used to hire new talent, increase distribution, and diversify. But Prada has delayed this three times so far, citing poor market conditions.

So what’s next? With the majors reducing output and becoming more risk adverse, there could be an emerging market for new creative and low cost designs. Layoffs could free in-house designers to spread their wings and establish new lines. Although it would be difficult to raise enough capital to become a national brand right away, we could see local designers taking advantage of the opportunity to deliver even more innovative designs.

What do you think will be the next big trend in fashion, considering the effect of the economy? Share it with us in the comments.

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Give Sexy Back. Please.

Just because 40 is the new 30 doesn’t mean that 10 is the new 20. Case in point–why is PrettySinful clothing promoting children’s tights as sexy on their Amazon web store? When this was brought up by the popular advocate website The Consumerist, customer service reps assured that the vile description would be changed. As of early December, however, the vulgarity still persists.

Not Sexy. At All

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Skinny

We’ve all seen the glamorous wardrobes worn by actresses and have thought “I would love to have that!” But the hunt to find a specific blouse or earrings worn by your favorite star can prove to be a daunting task.

Well the marketeers behind Rich and Skinny Jeans have come up with the perfect solution! Imagine watching engaging web video content and being able to purchase the jeans right off the actresses. Follow the drama (think Desperate Housewives meets The Hills), the music and the fashion all in one location - your monitor.

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Looking for the ultimate fashion-related news source? Then check out my new venture - Candy.

It looks a lot like PopURLs, but instead of tech, it draws in and displays the hottest in fashion news, entertainment videos, and trends. Check it out!


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Your Online Fitting Room Awaits!

Although online clothing shopping is flourishing, one of the first drawbacks the naysayers focused on was the inability to actually try to the items on. Some solutions utilized 3-D views and even cartoonish models set up to meet your exact dimensions.

But Knickerpicker has to take the cake for the ultimate online model system. Pick a girl that looks most like you and shop away!

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Fashion In a Stab Prone Society


Long gone is the era when your chances of getting stabbed only increased by the total amount of time you spent in dark, seedy alleyways. Nowadays it seems that you are equally prone to getting shanked on your way to Mr. Whithers 7th Period science class. Luckily technology has come to the rescue, again, and has posed a brillant solution.

No, it’s not that we are going to be kinder and gentler society….it’s Kevlar laced clothing. I know you might be weighing the options of giving up your favorite hoodie for some protection, but thanks to Bladerunner Armored Clothing - you just don’t have to! Check out their line of armored clothes before it’s too late.

Hoodies..Get Um While They're Hot

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