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Free Fashion Vector Icons and Drawings

Need a quick shoe, purse or dress graphic for your webpage or project? Chris Spooner has a great down and dirty selection to choose from. Click here to Download

Spoon Graphics

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Cosmeceuticals go Pharmaceutical: Welcome Latisse !

LatisseHow can the commercials not suck you in! A prescription medicine for fuller and longer eyelashes? Sounds wonderful - welcome to my medicine cabinet Latisse!

Expect a months supply to run about $120 and see full results in 2 to 4 months. Of course there are the potential side affects: 4 percent of users experience eye itching and redness, and it may also temporarily darken the skin of the eyelid, according to the manufacturer Allergan.

Here’s a BEFORE and then an AFTER pic. Impressive! Thanks tljA

Keep tabs on what folks are experiencing with Latisse on Twitter. Click here for up to the minute Tweets!

Photo credit: ZedZap

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Sexy and Practical: Can Opening Stiletto

How many times have you used your teeth to open up a bottle of beer while your useless shoes just sat there on your feet? Well thanks to 5th Floor Productions, those heels can look both sexy and useful. Never miss a beat on the dance floor while you pop the tops with your bottle opening heel.
Pop the Top
Via InventorSpot

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Skinny

We’ve all seen the glamorous wardrobes worn by actresses and have thought “I would love to have that!” But the hunt to find a specific blouse or earrings worn by your favorite star can prove to be a daunting task.

Well the marketeers behind Rich and Skinny Jeans have come up with the perfect solution! Imagine watching engaging web video content and being able to purchase the jeans right off the actresses. Follow the drama (think Desperate Housewives meets The Hills), the music and the fashion all in one location - your monitor.

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Looking for the ultimate fashion-related news source? Then check out my new venture - Candy.

It looks a lot like PopURLs, but instead of tech, it draws in and displays the hottest in fashion news, entertainment videos, and trends. Check it out!


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Your Online Fitting Room Awaits!

Although online clothing shopping is flourishing, one of the first drawbacks the naysayers focused on was the inability to actually try to the items on. Some solutions utilized 3-D views and even cartoonish models set up to meet your exact dimensions.

But Knickerpicker has to take the cake for the ultimate online model system. Pick a girl that looks most like you and shop away!

Popularity: 5% [?]

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