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Archive for August, 2006

Typewriter Keyed Necklace

I still use a typewriter at work. It’s not by choice, believe me. But if I had to choose between an old fashioned typewriter key or a modern day computer keyboard key as a charm, I’d go with the latter.

If you are looking for your own, head on over to Uncommon Goods and check out their selection.

Via one of my favorite blogs,

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Episode 3 : Liquids on a Wardrobe

Join us for Episode 3! (We’re using a colon this time because it seems like the ‘|’ breaks the RSS)

Story links include: Terror Alert Levels Parody T-Shirt | Stayin’ Warm With the Slanket | Upload your digs with

Music featured: Bravelove (Midinight Mashmix) by Shagrugge (cc license)

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Tech Fashion Etiquette

The Foo Logs has brought to all of our attention a very relevant article from this months Wired Magazine. They are providing everyone with a little bit of advice on how to consciously interact with your high tech gizmos in a civilized society.

One item that Foo added to the article is my very own personal pet peeve:

“don’t forget to take off your bluetooth headsets AFTER you finish a cell phone conversation; looking like a Star Trek guy walking around with it on your ear (and the faint bluetooth signal light blinking) is NOT cool.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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Episode 2 | Tanning & Tubes

Episode 2 is chock full of stories - such as: HOPE is inspired by Senator Ted Stevens to create an “It’s a Series of Tubes” T-Shirts (via BoingBoing); Black Box Nation has a hoodie that captures your most emotional moments; and this bikini from Solestrom Swimwear keeps you advised of UV intensity levels (via Medgadget).

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