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Archive for September, 2006

I Heart Switch

It’s more then a blog, it’s a total interactive experience for womens tech fashion over at SWITCH. If you are into DIY tech fashion, it’ll be worth it to give Switch a look.

Switch is a DIY show for electronics, fashion technology and design. It has taken a long while, but the Switch website is no longer in BETA! We have fully integrated the design with movable type (thank you Lindsey), added a donate/gift section, a new mailing list, the learning library and a easily navigable archive section. We have two new episodes coming up in June (one project and one interview) and are looking forward to getting switch off the ground.

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Episode 4 : Fashion is Violent

Covered in Episode 4 of Fashionistatv: Prada Death Camps, Doll Wars, and The New Pink.

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Canned Cotton

Don’t have a knack for sewing? Well Fabrican Ltd. might have a solution. The London firm has developed a fabric spray that can be applied to existing garments. With many layers, you can perhaps make your own. They are also planning many other uses in the medical and industrial field as well. From the website:

The original idea of spray-on fabric came from Manel Torres’ work in the fashion industry. There would be the possibility of adding individual touches to already manufactured garments, mending, hemming etc. Or the development of fragrance patches that would go on the garment rather than the skin.

Via Cool Hunting

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How To Dress Like a PC

In response to How to Dress Like a Mac entry by the folks over at LifeClever, we’ve put together a outfit for the often overlooked ‘PC Guy’ from the Apple Mac v. PC commercials.
Sure, it’s the typical middle management uniform of choice, but for the money, it’s the best way to go.

We’ve dressed actor John Hodgman here for $2 less than the official Mac outfit. (OK, if you add in the $7 Bo-Rics cut and style we went over budget). It’s clear that this wardrobe lacks in originality - but these days, don’t they both?

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