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Tech Fashion LOLCATS

Just in case you haven't heard, a lolcat is an image macro featuring a photograph of a cat with a humorous and idiosyncratic caption. The term "lolcat" is a compound of the IM shorthand "lol" and the word "cat."  source:Wikipedia

There are a bunch of great lolcat sites out there, such as I Can Has Cheezburger?, and lolcat.

So without any further introduction, I present to you - HOLEKAT! 

Photo Credit: gillicious   Creative Commons Share Alike

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Best Dressed In Tech

There are best dressed lists out there for everything. So why not build one for the Top 5 Best Dressed in Tech?   Here we go…..

5. Larry Ellision: CEO of Oracle

Larry has been quoted as saying "I do not give fashionable answers to questions."  Obviously what he lacks in fashionable responses, he more then makes up for in his wardrobe.  Mr. Ellisions perfectly fitted suits really set him apart from that "other software billionaire."


4. Micki Krimmel: Director of Community at Revver

Micki dresses in a style all her own, a brilliant combination of glamorous bad girl tech that is unmistakable


 this photo from kk

3. Marissa Mayer:  Vice President, Google Search Products & User Experience

Tall, blonde, beautiful and brilliant.  Just like her search products, Marissa sports a simple but elegant look. 




2. Amber MacArthur:  Television and Podcasting  Personality

Adorable and charming.  Hailing from Canada, Amber is the host and co-producer of the net@night podcast and CommandN vlog, among other projects.  I love Ambers' use of layering, whether it's with a sharp blazer or relaxed denim jacket.  She consistently exhibits a great sense of style on every CommandN episode.  Her Canadian roots are plain to see, as her Winter wardrobe is just simply top-notch.

1. Johan Cohen:  Rocketboom video blog host

You can get a daily dose of our #1 Best Dressed in Tech winner over at Rocketboom




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Security Ink Tag Removal DIY

We’ve all experienced it. After a long day of shopping you realize that the clerk was to busy talking on her cell phone to notice the annoying little white disk permanently affixed to your new pair of jeans. Jeans that you want to wear tonight.

The last thing you have time for is another drive back to the mall to have the gizmo removed.

Security 1, Consumer 0. See also: Annoyance.

Security Disk

But for a real emergency, we’re in luck. Andrew Waters experienced the same situation and decided to take a look at removing the tag himself. His page breaks down each step of the removal process. He also includes a description of all the internal organs of this little white clothing virus.

Obviously, you are at your own risk if you try to remove the disk on your own. Andrew clearly points out that the ink vial is easily broken. But with the right tools and a little patience, you’ll be free in no time!

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