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Can You Dress Tech Without These 5 Essential Links?

Geek PantDressing geek in 2007 is a lot different than in 1987.  Gone are the pocket protectors and taped rim glasses.  Now, in their place are t-shirts with very clever designs and web references that everyone can appreciate.

In no particular order, we love:

1.  Errorwear.  Be the envy of anyone who has ever crashed.  Great t-shirts featuring common computer error messages we all deal with, such as the Blue Screen of Death, Sad Mac, Not Responding, and Bad Command or File name.

2.   Jinx.  Clothing for Gamers and Geeks. Cool selections include girls sweat pants with 'Geek' written across your butt,  a WoW collection, and a hilarious 'pwnstar' shirt.

3.  ThinkGeek.  Featured in our last post, ThinkGeek offers a fantastic shirt simply labeled 'LMAO' with a stencil graphic showing what that would look like if it really happened.

4.  Offline T-Shirts.   Offline goes Warhol with the Linux Penguin, and makes a social statement using HTML with the '</racism>' shirt.

5.  Syswear.  It you agree that 'Jesus Saves. Buddah Does Incremental Backups', you'll love Syswear. 

Got a favorite geek t-shirt site? Share it with us in the comments! 

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Hypertext Transfer Panties

 Seeing an HTTP error message on your screen is definitely not fun.  But maybe seeing these same errors in a 'different light' might change things for once?  ThinkGeek has an solution to making these errors a bit easier on the eyes.

 I wouldn't mind seeing some additional playful errors as well….such as… 

-405 Method Not Allowed

-400 Bad Request

Get your legs in a pair from ThinkGeek
Thanks for finding these Gizmodo and Maxitmag!

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