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Archive for August, 2007

Extreme Makeover - Photoshop Edition

For years we've always known that fashion magazines either airbrushed or digitally enhanced normal human 'flaws' in the cover models.  As time has progressed, however, this enhancement practice has gotten even more dramatic.  Take for example this story from showing the before and after enhancements on Faith Hill for the July issue of Redbook.  And this example of makeover work on Britney Spears in this months issue of Allure from

So how do they do it?  Take a look at this magical transformation video using Photoshop.

Lose Weight In Photoshop (makeover) - For more of the funniest videos, click here

Moral of the story? Read a copy of Photoshop for Dummies while running on that treadmill.

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18 Awesome Sites for Social Shoppers

Imagine having thousands of friends to go shopping with.  Whenever you needed advice or a recommendation you could get it instantly. It's the same theory that powers these great 18 Social Shopping sites as compiled by

Check them out!!

Mashable Social Shopping 

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The Global Wear on Terror


I recently ran across a very interesting photo set from the September 2006 edition of Vogue Italia.  The photo spread entitled "State of Emergency" has elegant models in designer clothes as you would expect.  But they are staged in a brilliant set of various situations we wouldn't normally see in a fashion shoot - such as getting strip searched at the airport or getting beat down by a fully armored police officer.  

Are these ads for womens clothes or just social commentary? I think it is great that they were able to find a combination of both.

 See the entire set at Save Manny


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