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Archive for January, 2008

Geek Girls are Sexy

For decades, scantily clad female models have been used in promotional materials for Hot Rod carsGGRS and their associated parts and tools.  In the land of tech, we see these same models posing with a new CPU or hosting advertisement in the back of a trade mag.  But we also come across actual classy, sexy women that are part of the tech movement, not just professional models.

One of the biggest repositories for these tech vixens is over at the Geek Girls are Sexy Photo Group on Flickr.  Composed of over 8,900 images, the set will satisfy anyones taste for the girls of geekdom.  You do need to have your own Flickr account and be signed in to view the photos.

Although you can comment on the Flickr photos, there is really no way to rank them.  And just where would we be without a type of social interface to show your support? Luckily, Dig a Tech Girl comes in to fill the void. allows users to submit their favorite tech evangelists, 'digg' her up or down, and provide their very own comments.  Of course, yours truly could always use your support!

Gamer girls are sexy too. Gaming doesn't have to be about 30 guys at a LAN Party dreaming of challenging that super cutie from fourth period to a game of Final Conquest when the Fragdolls are involved.

Now, this next site is where the traditional feminists might get a bit queasy.  However, knowing ones IP address is essential in setting up networks and troubleshooting.  You could use boring old 'ipconfig' command, OR, you could go to and find out those delicious little digits.  Listen closely as each numeral of your IP address is read aloud by a very talented voice over actress, just keep in mind that some folks may find this very NSFW.

Got any other great sites to add to this list? Share them in the comments.

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