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Fashion In a Stab Prone Society


Long gone is the era when your chances of getting stabbed only increased by the total amount of time you spent in dark, seedy alleyways. Nowadays it seems that you are equally prone to getting shanked on your way to Mr. Whithers 7th Period science class. Luckily technology has come to the rescue, again, and has posed a brillant solution.

No, it’s not that we are going to be kinder and gentler society….it’s Kevlar laced clothing. I know you might be weighing the options of giving up your favorite hoodie for some protection, but thanks to Bladerunner Armored Clothing - you just don’t have to! Check out their line of armored clothes before it’s too late.

Hoodies..Get Um While They're Hot

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Browser Geek T-Shirt Wars!

Firefox Girl

What point is there in a t-shirt if it doesn't make some kind of humorous statement about your geekish devotion to one browser or another?

But you'd be wrong if you thought that every browser-loving nerd was on the same side– it's time to get with the etiquette of the tribal browser wars that take place on geek's chests worldwide.

1.The 'Defiantly Pro-Mac' T-Shirt Very common in geek circles… Pro-Mac'ers will enjoy smugly reeling off statistics at you about how superior Apple and Safari are over all else. Avoid conversations of this kind at all costs, and NEVER utter the word 'Windows'. (You are permitted, however, to rub their nose in the failure of Vista).

2.The 'I Really Hate IE / Pro-Firefox' T-Shirt… Common in Windows users who think Macs are overpriced… Some pro-Firefox t-shirt wearers are loud and obnoxious, but remember an 'I Hate IE' t-shirt might just save you a beating from a crazed group of Mac users.

3.The 'I Only Use Linux' T-Shirt Get instant geek-cred with a Linux t-shirt… this works because it suggests that you actually know how to code and program, and are therefore truly a geek. Can be rare in today's climate of mainstream geek chic.

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Popularity: 5% [?]