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First Ladies and the Connection to Global Warming

First Ladies of Global Warming
The recent faux controversies about current First Lady Michelle Obama deciding to go sleeveless in her official portrait may very well have more to do with global warming then fashion choice. Looking back at the wardrobe of choice in First Lady’s official portraits throughout history, a disturbing trend seems to emerge. First Lady attire is in direct response to increasing global temperatures!

1. Jane Pierce. Consider that it would be 35 years until gasoline-fueled internal combustion engines were widely introduced when Mrs. Pierce served as First Lady. With a lack of lung choking smog from such an diabolical engine, the earth must have been a cold place to reside. Her response, naturally, was to wear tightly buttoned layers of black with warmth retaining head cover.

2. Eleanor Roosevelt. By 1933 the Golden Gate bridge was to begin construction, and automobiles blanketed the United States. With New Deal policies going into effect, the nations first stimulus package begins belching out more and more greenhouse gases. In response, Mrs. Roosevelt sports a ventilation promoting a blouse with a breezy plunging neck line.

3. Pat Nixon. Carbon emissions continue to rise and so does the temperature. However, 1969 brings us the beginning of the depletion of the earth’s ozone layer. In order to combat this two threat front, Mrs. Nixon turns to light, airy fabrics with maximum coverage from UV rays.

4. Michelle Obama. By 2009, industrial progress in developing countries have laid waste to the natural environment, causing a skyrocketing spike in CO2 emissions. As the media and activists have all but abandoned the cause for the precious ozone layer and dangerous UV light, Mrs. Obama takes the necessary step to reduce her body temperature in our global crock pot by going sleeveless.

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