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Archive for September, 2013

Google Glass as Fashion, Been Here Before

This months (September) issue of Vogue features an editorial with models sporting the newest, well maybe most popular for the time being, wearable tech: Google Glass.

Image from September Vogue
Editorial photographs by Steven Klein

And at first it may seem to be revolutionary to see these glasses in public, let alone on a model in the nation’s leading fashion magazine. But tech attire has become adopted before, to a point where it virtually becomes unnoticed. Take for example the white iPod headphones. These not only became mainstream and as common as earrings–but also somewhat of a status symbol with the equivalence of toting a designer handbag or wiggling into those skinny jeans. We’ve also seen fashion editorials with Bluetooth earpieces.

Both of these examples don’t stand out much anymore, and I’d expect the same to be true with Google Glass in the next 5 years.

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