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Episode 1 : wikiCouture

This weeks stories: Space Couture Fashion Competition; Wiki T-Shirts; Love and Hate; Kiss in a Bottle.
This is the premier episode of We like to think of it as a beta version, and something to learn from and build on. Thanks for watching!

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The Foo said,

August 14, 2006 @ 2:21 am

Very well done! So what happened to your glasses from at the beginning as you lost it after the first quarter. ;-) Star in the making? ;-) Also, just some obsevations … toward parts of the mddle and towards the end, i think the camera was a tad too far out and you could see a tinge of your stage lighting in the top right hand corner as well as a slither of your leg movement from under the table. I like your website too - styled with simplicity and great colors combos. Just wondering, how you did the inclusion of showing the websites and the mouse movements.

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