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Flickr Fashion & The New ‘Censorship’

The recent firing of Don Imus is nothing new in world of FCC regulated radio. But the recent 30 day suspension of XM Radio’s Opie and Anthony could be a sign of things to come for even non-regulated satellite broadcasts. And it looks like this same corporate paralysis is now slowly creeping into the world of the net.

Take for example the Flickr photo set by Malingering. This photographer has uploaded example photos of poorly attired women she sees on the streets of Los Angeles. Innocent enough, right? But Flickr has more than once censored the photo sets by making you become a member and agree to view the photos. Do you think Flickr was right, or does Malingering have a right to upload whatever she pleases in accordance with the terms on the site?

Take a look at some of the photos below and share your thoughts in the comments section….

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