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Retail Fashion Fonts You Can Use


All brands have an identity. It’s these identities that provide familiarity with a product, inspires consumer trust, and hopefully increases sales. In the fashion world many people are purchasing the brand more than the product.

Here is a list we compiled of familiar fashion brands and their corresponding fonts that you can install on your own computer. Although they may not be an exact match, they are very close to the original brand. Some are free and some are not…..

Guess: Times NR MT Semi Bold
Coach: Range Gothic
Tommy: Gill Sans
Prada: Monotype Engravers
Calvin Klein: Geo Sans Light
Esttee Lauder: Linotype Optima (nova)
Lacoste: Lacoste Sans
Gucci: GoldenbookOSF Bold

Can you guess the brand of the font used in the image above? Well that belongs to clothing retailer Nordstrom, which uses URW Classico T Regular

Popularity: 34% [?]


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