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Addictive Woot Site Goes Haute Couture, the addictive electronics site that brings a fun and deeply discounted item, has expanded on it's "One Deal a Day" concept.  First, there came Wine.Woot! which is a league above any other internet wine club.  And it's newest venture, Shirt.Woot! is sure to be a success as well.

Combining social interaction and great deals on theme based T-shirts, Shirt.Woot! throws out a weekly topic in what is called a 'Derby.'  Recent topics included maps, winter, patterns, and made up Holidays (think Festivus, but this specific Seinfeldian holiday was strictly prohibited).  What makes the Derby great is that designs are contributed by users and then voted on by Woot customers.  At the end of the week, the shirt with the highest number of votes get screen printed and sold on the site.

Submit your own design in the Derby or check out others designs at Shirt.Woot!

Popularity: 26% [?]

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