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We Love Fashion Infographics

Example of Chute infographic
Infographics - they’re used to concisely explain just about every topic out there. They can tackle somewhat dry topics like the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and apply a graphically pleasing and textual concise way of explaining complex topics and garner more attention.

Even though the fashion world is glamorous enough on its own, some sexy infographics can never hurt! Take for example if you were looking for blue fashion trends for 2014, by designer by look - has a quick cheat sheet to satisfy that request all in one beautiful image.

Is your waist narrower than your hips? Well this graphic will help you pick out that perfect V-neck and skinny jeans ensemble for the perfect outfit as you head out the door.

And we can’t forget about how much fashion has progressed over the years. Check out this 50 years of fashion infographic and enjoy the vintage styles, and perhaps create some more ideas of your own!

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