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The new Withings Activite might be the next big thing in the wearable tech world.

Most of us are willing to pay a premium for products or services that come with features which serve much more than just their real purpose. Companies that realize this fact and come up with innovative ideas for fashion technology then flourish in the industry. The new Withings Activite might be the next big thing in the wearable tech world.

With such advancement in the wearable technology, one should expect continuous innovation and introduction of astonishing new ideas. This new wearable tech idea when takes the shape of a product incorporates fitness tracking and fashion trends rather than just serving its main purpose. What may look like an ordinary, conventional purpose watch has much more to offer and leave its users amazed.

What is the Withings Activite?

A low energy powered wearable tech consisting of two hand dials, high quality leather straps and expensive glass, this Swiss made stainless steel looks nothing other than a smart and fashionable ordinary watch unless you learn of its extraordinary features and high functionality. Time and activity tracking has never been so convenient at a touch’s distance.
This wearable tech works with a health mate application which lets you connect with your smart phone or computer and helps you keep track of your activity whether you are using steps, swimming, sleeping or running. The Bluetooth and low energy powered smartwatch automatically syncs all your information of distance and calories burned, on your computer or Smartphone. Furthermore, it is water resistant and can go as deep in the water as 50m.
This contemporary watch is offered in black and silver, both equally classic. It comes with a CR 2023 button and requires no charging as its cell works up to one year.

Why Withings Activite is unique…

Among the latest smart watches that we have seen coming up, the Withings Activite differentiates itself by its multipurpose usage, unique design and fashionable appearance. This product changes the outdated concept of the design of a smartwatch. A smartwatch doesn’t necessarily have to appear nerdy and practical. It may carry out numerous functions but should also serve as a fashion accessory so that a premium can be demanded and people can invest in it. With this unique and spectacular design, customers may be willing to pay what this watch demands.

Talking about the price of this smartwatch, it has been announced at the rate of $390 and is expected to come out this fall, releasing globally. It is a somewhat hefty price, but considering it’s a two-for-one fitness tracking and fashion accessory deal, would you be willing to plop down almost $400?

The features of this smartwatch make it a convenient and preferable fitness tracker with which you can set your goals, carry on with your activity and track your performance. Setting a benchmark for your health and fitness and monitoring it has now become easier than ever. However, the success of the Withings Activite depends upon whether consumers prefer its functionality and design over other wearable techs such as Samsung Gear Live and LG G Offer.

Current motion tracking and fitness watches can be ugly but they don’t have to be. This new Withings watch is very fashionable and yet functional and won’t put you on the dreaded ‘glasshole’ list. Oh, and did I mention I’m just in love with their webpage? Just thought I’d add that in :)

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