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R. Lee said,

September 24, 2006 @ 8:31 pm

Amanda is Beautiful, she should be a star by now..


Frank Galainena said,

October 11, 2006 @ 5:40 pm

I would first like to say that I admire the mediums you are utilizing to tell a story. Video via internet…great concept and hope it goes well. I realize it is called fashionista TV but I am writing to you to request an invitation so that the following blog or your personal blog can be posted on your site. We are creating a cool convergence of fashion and digital that I hope you like…I hope that you visit the site and sign up and pass the word around to your community. Furthermore, I hope we can continue to commincate support each other.

LUKABLU is a new site launching this fall that is focused on making a web site just as beautiful as the designer clothes and bags we represent. We have two contest that are open to everyone. The first is a $1000 shopping spree just for signing up to the free site.The second contest is called “My Beautiful Life” that is open to all who want to contribute photos. The most intriguing entry will win a $250 gift card to the site and will have their photos featured on the home page. You can see all the entries that have been submitted so far. Really some amazing beautiful stuff. What LUKABLU embodies is an elevated fashion consciousness that involves a deeper understanding of style. We are not looking for the next trend or fashion craze; it’s about adopting a style for oneself that flows seamlessly from season to season, acknowledging ever-changing trends without falling victim to contemporary fashion’s short-lived loyalties. The list of brands we have on our site already is making designers and members curious as to what it will look like in November/December. Finally, we hope this is what you have been waiting for — a community experience of fashion and digital style.
Best Regards,

Frank Galainena
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Tom Hanks said,

November 1, 2006 @ 4:35 pm

Beautiful breasts!


Sheryl Mande; said,

March 25, 2007 @ 1:07 am

Sheryl Mandel of Integrity Publicity Special Invite


~Fashion Designer To the Stars~


The Mysteries of Atlantis Revealed

An Enlightening Fashion and Entertainment Experience

Friday April 20, 2007

Montmarte Lounge Hollywood
6757 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028
Cross Street Hollywood and Highland

~OPEN BAR 9:30-10:30PM~


VIP Bottle Service Available

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Cecy B


The Mysteries of Atlantis Revealed
12:30 AM

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Designer Merlin Castell is best known for his Haute Coutour tailored fitted jackets crafted from highly unusual fabrication. Mr. Castell’s extraordinary pieces are highly sought after by celebrities in the televsion, film and music industries.
The Merlin Castell line has a high hip factor ranking and has become the most talked about designer collection recently. From Mr.Castell’s Metro Wear ranging in prices from $150-$1,000.00 to his custom made and couture garments that can sell for more than $10,000.00- Castell creations can be seen on such hit shows as the O.C. plus numerous celebrities including Lenny Kravitz and Paris Hilton.
This ultra hip designer has recently been voted “One OF The Top Ten To Watch Out For” by The Pool Trade Show. Mr. Castell, born in Honduras, has an innate affinity for fashion and a keen eye for style. Castell never dreamed that he would be so fortunate as to craft a career out of what he loves doing the most.
“My journey has been very magical” says Castell.

Merlin Castell’s casual bump into the fashion industry was almost never pursued.The youngest in a family consisting of four boys and three girls, young Castell was always consulted for his “nod of approval” when it came to any fashion decisions. Oddly enough, Castell started off as an architecture major in college, but was then redirected by a professor who recognized young Castell’s true talent. Castell then chose to follow his passion.

“I studied fashion in Mexico, where my style was compared to Frida Khalp. I the continued my studies in Italy where my specialty was working with leather, but there were times I couldn’t afford it. I then started applying my ideas to fabric,
which became the beginnings of my signature style.

“In the late 90’s Castell, finishing his studies and living in Milan was proving to be a prime talent. He then made the decision to move to United States.
He arrived in Los Angeles and landed a job at Hot Kiss.
then to the ultra hip store Red Balls where he became their head designer. While there Castell designed for celebrities Paula Abdul, N’Sync. Marilyn Mason
and the magic keeps flowing…

Please RSVP

A Vision Revealed
“I believe a true designer is one who can bring forth a new concept….. a new vision…. a new belief”

Merlin Castell

-A very special event-
Please don’t miss this!!
Best, Sheryl Mandel



Art For Progress said,

December 6, 2007 @ 5:38 pm

Call for Fashion Designers

Art for Progress, a non-profit arts education organization, announces a call to all artists for the second annual multi-disciplinary art competition “Clash of the Artists”.

The international online competition invites DJs, musicians, visual artists , fashion designers, filmmaker, and all who are creative!

Gain global exposure of your work online as well as supporting arts education in New York City.

An event will be held in New York City in mid-March, 2008 to showcase top three finalists from each category!

Submissions begin: November 15, 2007 online at
Public Voting begins: January 8, 2008.
Visit us at to learn more.
or watch the video at

Fashion (1st Prize)
2 Year Art For Progress Membership
Consultation with Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution
Home Page Feature on
Designer Feature on AFP’s Home Page
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tia said,

August 12, 2008 @ 12:14 am

Hi There,

Allow me to quickly introduce myself. My name’s Tia and I’m Online Marketing and PR Specialist at Expansion Plus (PR Agency). I’m also the Community Manager for an online lingerie store called Herroom. I was reading some of your blog posts and noticed that you didn’t have any posts on undergarments (UNDIES) or maybe I missed them? I truly believe that undergarments play a huge role in fashion. Undergarments definitely help to boost your body. Wouldn’t you agree?

Did you know that there’s an Undie Awards that happens every year? Yep! The Undie Awards! It’s held by Herroom. It’s a revealing look at America’s favorite underwear. It honors the best (and worst) in men’s and women’s intimate apparel. This year was extremely special because we were able to raise money for Cancer Research.

Well, unfortunately, the awards are over but I do have a list of the ”Best Summer Bras” as voted on by American Women in the Undie Awards for average and full figured women. I would love if you blogged about it. May I send you the list and pics?



gary berry said,

September 19, 2008 @ 4:56 pm

“Fashion Icon Whips Janice Dickinson’s Model’s Into Shape”

Los Angeles Ca: Fashion Icon cracks the whip. Scene stealer Merlin Castell to appear this season on OXYGEN NETWORK’S “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” In this show stopping performance Castell literally hade Janice Dickinson on her knees when she realized that Fashion Icon Merlin Castell was going to appear on her show. Janice originally thought Castell was hired by the producer as an actor when she realized Castell was a highly respected designer her jaw dropped as she pilled water all over the designer cashmere jumpsuit with her trembling hands she offered her apologies and she knew her dream finally came true in her bigger vision to have her agency known for her high fashion runway models. This would prove to be the highest rated episodes to date. In this highly anticipated episode Castell showed up full force with whip in tow in he’s 4 inch stiletto hills took he’s runway bow in a white jumpsuit and white turban Set to air September 30 at 10:00 pm.

Just a few years ago Honduran born Merlin Castell was a virtually unknown name in the fashion business. And now Castell is hub knobbing with the rich and famous dubbed the new “Promise” in the international world of fashion. He has captured the focus and attention of the international press. Do to he’s incalculable talent. Castell latest collection called “Galactic” superstars was inspired by the movie “Barbarella” With the extravagate taste of the incomparable John Galliano. Castell defines him self as a chameleon. One who re invents him self every season. Because of this, he has been recognized in the competitive world of fashion.

Since 2002 after graduating from the prestige’s fashion college Marangoni in Milan Italy. Castell has been fighting to establish he’s fashion label with constant imagination. Celebrities like “Janice Dickinson, Paris Hilton, Maria Conchita Alonso, Carlos Santana, Paula Abdul, Spice Girl Mel B, Priscilla Presley, Karina Smirnoff” Has fallen under he’s spell. Castell is defined by the press as “The magician of fashion. My life is like a fairy tale “I’m the Cinderella of fashion” says Castell humbly. The one who can transform himself into a prince. But people don’t know the real story behind the fantasy. Castell sees the future with he’s feet on the ground. He’s vision for this collection was a sharp stronger silhouette independent more adventures women. Like “Barbarella”? This namesake movie was characterized by Oscar winner Jane Fonda, in the late 60’s. Which was debuted on “The Janice Dickinson Show?”

Merlin Castell newest collection in bodies a smart woman who in every challenge is successful and victorious. Merlin’s designs appeal to an a executive women, But can be wore by the every day women as portrayed on the popular TV show “Sex And The City” high society ladies who can afford to buy Valentino, Channel but choose to wear original Merlin Castell designs.


Christian Underwood said,

October 12, 2008 @ 4:36 am

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gary berry said,

October 23, 2008 @ 6:45 pm

Merlin Castell Press Release
Weaving Magic

Born is Honduras, with an innate affinity for fashion and a keen eye for style, Merlin Castell never dreamed that he would be so fortunate to craft a carrier out of what he enjoys doing the most.

Los Angeles, Ca- designer Merlin Castell is best known for his Haute Couture Tailored Clothing. Crafted from Highly Luxurious Fabrics. His pieces are popular with Trendsetter’s, Celebrities in Music, Film and Television. The Merlin Castell line has a high hip factor. And is becoming one of The Most Talked about Collections.

Merlin Castell, Designees has been featured in both national and regional press both in print and television. On such programs as “The Insider” “Wealth TV’s what To Wear” “Univisions Nationally Syndicated Program “Premier Impacto” Telemundos Nationally Syndicated Program “Al Rojo Vivo” And most recently “LATV” and “America Latino Television”. Merlin Castell has also been featured in print publication such as “Apparel News” Women’s Wear Daily” “Los Vegas Magazine” “ Los Vegas Weekly” To name a few. Merlin Castell was voted “One of the Top Designers to Watch Out For”

Merlin Castell has weaved he’s magic for such celebrities has “John Leguizamo, Tracy Bingham, Maria Conchita Alonso, Carlos Santana, Paris Hilton, and most recently “The Insiders Victoria Recano” “Paula Abdul” “Christian Delafuenta” “Spice Girl Mel B” “Priscilla Presley” And “Karina Smirnoff”. Merlin has cast he’s spell on Hollywood.

Merlin Castell is known in the community as being very philanthropic and a humanitarian. Merlin unconditional effort and capacity in ways to improve the concept of the Latinos in American society is giving him a lot of respect.

“I believe a true designer is one who can bring a new concept in design. One who believes what he does is innovative and risky but does it because it comes from inside the heart,” Merlin Castell


gary berry said,

October 23, 2008 @ 6:47 pm

Photography: Christopher Ford, fotoMOJO, LLC Location: The Red Door Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Merlin in the News
Fashion Visionary Merlin Castell Attempts Women’s Wear Wizardry Wit…

Christopher Ford Takes Aim at High Fashion
You’ve seen him on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show (Oxygen / Tuesday nights), Eye on LA, The Insider, Premier Impacto, and on the red carpet at just about every gala Hollywood event. His designs have strutted every major runway from LA to San Francisco… to Atlantis and the Galactic. His designs are glamorous, trendy yet classic - something from an Enchanted Neverland - and still all the while functional. He’s extreme and driven by a passion, and still grounded by his Honduran roots. His one-of-kind, made-to-order, hand-made garments are sealed with a kiss and come to a life of their own - breathing in their owners and transforming their every step into a mythical catwalk that would bring the likes of Tolkein to an awestruck stammer. Some call him a magician, and others a wizard. His name befitting, he is called Merlin, and to those in the know, they call him Merlin Castell - Fashion Icon; and standing five-feet-four, he’s larger than life, with a presence that preceeds him from the next zip code over.

I love couture - what’s not to love about it? And, with only a handful of true couturièrs around the globe, it is quite the honor to be given a rare opportunity to be in one’s company. That honor was given to me last Friday, when I met the (in)famous Merlin Castell, head designer and Gary Berry, President / CEO of Merlin Castell of West Hollywood for a publicity photo shoot at the beautiful Red Door Studio in Downtown Los Angeles, where we joined the ranks of HBO, Playboy and a long list of uber-talented photographers and film makers alike.

And, just as Merlin’s designs are sure to take the breath away, this publicity set is a must-see. Merlin sported four absolutely riveting outfits for the shoot, and brought with him a charasmatic, extremely powerful, yet undeniably lovable and friendly personality that is the basis of his truly humble character. Stunning and powerful, glamorous and commanding, but with a beaming smile and genuine altruistic concern for those who might be so fortunate to wear his art.

I am so excited to share with you the final photos from this half-day photo shoot! Enjoy the slideshow and be whisked away to the Magical World of Merlin Castell, where you’ll find a little mystery, a hint of whimsy, and a glimpse into the mind of a true Fashion Icon. While, as they say, what happens behind The Red Door, stays behind the red door, there’s always an exception, and this time Fashion Magician meets Mojo - this is just too good to keep to ourselves! Please join me in welcoming Merlin Castell into my own enchanted, magical world of Mojo… two Wizards worked our magic on Friday, October 10, 2008, and the result is beyond spellbound!


gary berry said,

October 23, 2008 @ 6:49 pm

The Latest in Fall and Winter Haute Couture by Merlin Castell

Now That’s What Janice Dickenson Calls Fashion!

Los Angeles - October 2008 As fall and winter descend upon us fashionistas will be pleased to know that it’s finally time to don the one-of-a-kind couture pieces by celebrity Couture designer, Merlin Castell. If the name sounds familiar, and it should, that’s because Castell is the fabulous designer currently featured on Oxygen’s The Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency. With a flair for design and a love of all things couture, Castell has simply caused a sensation on the show; as Janice Dickenson herself has said, he’s fashion’s “hidden secret” of California.

Castell has had a passion for fashion since the age of eight. Now he is on a journey to the top, and having his couture pieces featured in an entire episode of the Oxygen Network’s popular television show is but a part of that fabulous journey. Janice is not only hooked, but is out to impress Castell with her up and coming models - and who could blame her?

Castell’s fall collection consists of one-of-a-kind pieces that range from less than $500 to $15,000 a piece. Each is honed from the highest quality fabrics including silk, rayon and prima cotton, imported from as far away as Italy. The clothes are, quite simply, exquisite. Each garment is made to order and feature his signature look, the extended collar and sleeves; details that are set to stun on any red carpet.

“I’m not a jeans and T-shirt designer,” asserts Castell. Indeed he is not. With pants that fit like a glove, skirts that skim the narrowest of hips to perfection, and coats that cinch the tiniest of waists, Castell’s fall/winter collection spells fashion drama and are, without doubt, pure works of art. For those looking to turn heads this fall, Castell’s collection is the only choice.

For more information please visit


Daniel Troppy said,

January 30, 2010 @ 7:37 pm

January 30th, 2010

Hello I just wanted to email you to introduce myself to you and to show you my blog . I shop at 2-3 thrift stores daily and report back to my readers what I’ve just seen or purchased. I find luxury brand items like Valentino, Loro Piana, Jil Sander, Hermes, Burberry, Gucci, you name it and I’ll find it. I just wanted to introduce myself to you and your site. Thank you .
Daniel Troppy


Kathy said,

September 9, 2010 @ 8:20 am


Do you mind if I link to your site from my fashion sites?



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